Kubernetes Quick Start Tool

Easier, better, faster, cheaper!

Our Kubernetes Quick Start Tool rapidly automates construction of empty Cloud environments. This may take 10 days, but we can do this in a morning.


This solution is automated, opinionated, standardised.


Non DevOps can use this tool, allowing your DevOps engineers to work on more important tasks. Our tool doesn’t make mistakes because it’s built for better DevOps.


Speed up your DevOps activities, this will take your build time from 10 days to less than a day 


DevOps is expensive, so any tools to accelerate this process save you considerable money. This tool will help you get to production more quickly.

Standards Compliant

We are good at GDPR and PCI-DSS! Our GDPR solutions are used over 12 million times each month. First class design is a primary consideration for our products.

Our GDPR solutions are used over 12 million times each month!

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23.2 % Savings

Make Your Cloud Costs Evaporate

As cloud costs continue to escalate, and as you suddenly hit new tiers of spend, you may feel helpless in the face of rising costs.The average savings we have had across our cutomers is 23.2% of spend on their cloud by using us to find the best solution and help you to move there.


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